Rail Passes

If your clients know the countries they want to explore and are planning to travel for more than three days and/or want an “open” itinerary rail passes are an ideal option. A rail pass is valid for a set number of travel days in which travelers can take as many train trips as they like. The travel days can be “consecutive” (i.e., 5 consecutive days) or flexible (i.e., travel any day within a 2 month period). Rail passes can be valid for a single country, a region or multiple countries often offering discounted versions for two or more people traveling together (Saver Pass), Youth (under 26), and Seniors (60 and over).

Reservations are required on premier high speed day trains, international day and night trains, and scenic routes. If your clients are not ready to book their reservations with you at the time they purchase their rail pass, we recommend that you advise them that reservations are mandatory and they will need to purchase them prior to their departure from North American or at the train station. Passholder seats and sleepers are limited and can sell out quickly. Advanced booking is highly recommended.

Eurail passes are delivered to you stapled in a Eurail Pass cover.  Travelers are required to enter the routes they travel by train into the Traveler Survey as they journey through Europe.  Conductors on the trains reserve the right to ensure the Traveler Survey is being completed by the traveler and non-compliance can result in a fine payable to the conductor on the train.  Traveler Surveys motivate the European railways to keep participating in the Eurail System.  Your clients can help to ensure their favorite countries remain a participant in the Eurail System by completing the Traveler Survey.

If your clients are:

Visiting just one country
…they need a one country pass, the best deal for sharply focused travel. These passes provide extensive rail travel on the national rail network of that country.

Eurail Austria Pass
Eurail Bulgaria Pass
Eurail Croatia Pass
Eurail Czech Republic Pass
Eurail Denmark Pass
BritRail England Pass
Eurail Finland Pass
Eurail France Pass
German Rail Pass
Eurail Greece Pass
Eurail Greek Islands Pass
Eurail Hungary Pass
Eurail Ireland Pass
Eurail Italy Pass
Eurail Norway Pass
Eurail Poland Pass
Eurail Portugal Pass
Eurail Romania Pass
BritRail Central Scotland Pass
BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass
BritRail Scottish Highlands Pass
Eurail Serbia Pass
Eurail Slovakia Pass
Eurail Slovenia Pass
Eurail Spain Pass
Eurail Sweden Pass
Swiss Travel Pass
Eurail Turkey Pass

Visiting 3, 4 or 5 neighboring countries
…they need a multi-national pass with outstanding value and personalized convenience. These passes provide extensive rail travel on the national rail networks of the included countries.

Balkan FlexiPass Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro
European East Pass Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia
Central Europe Triangle Pass Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Vienna OR Vienna, Prague, Salzburg, Vienna
Eurail Benelux Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg
Eurail Scandinavia Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Visiting…(wow!!)…up to 31 European countries.
It’s the Eurail Global Pass: your clients’ “golden ticket” to extensive rail travel in all these 31 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.