Day Trains

A wide variety of trains are available for travel throughout Europe. Traveling short distances can be on local trains with frequent stops connecting smaller cities within a country. Express and Intercity trains travel longer distances and can extend to another country. High speed trains make fewer stops, can cover longer distances in less time, and often offer higher levels of service and amenities. All premier high speed trains and many Intercity and Express trains require reservations.

High Speed Trains

Many travelers are choosing train travel over air travel. High speed trains offer extraordinary comfort, excellent amenities and the ultimate efficiency, traveling at speeds up to 198 mph. Most high speed trains are yield managed and tickets include a reserved seat. Note: Rail passes are usually accepted on many of the national rail lines in the countries covered by the pass; clients need only purchase a seat reservation to be utilized in conjunction with their rail pass. All seat reservations are based on availability at the time of purchase.

Eurostar: England, France, Belgium

Seamless travel from St. Pancras station in the heart of London to the center of Paris, Brussels, Lille, Avignon, and Amsterdam, plus seasonal service to Disneyland Paris and the French Alps with easy connections to the Swiss Alps. Eurostar runs almost hourly between London and Paris (18-21 times a day; 11 times a day between London and Brussels).

London – Paris 2h 15m

London –Brussels 1h 48m

London – Lille 1h 20m
LondonAmsterdam 3h 41m
London – Avignon 5h 49m
London – Disneyland Paris 2h 48m

TGV: France

The TGV network is the cornerstone of the European high speed rail network. It connects Paris to over 200 cities within France as well as cities in neighboring countries such as Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Torino, Milan, and more. You can ride the rails of Lyria into Switzerland and the south of France, or the new TGV routes into the Champagne region, Switzerland or Germany.

Paris – Avignon 2h 37m

Paris – Marseille 3h 22m

Paris – Geneva 3h 08m

Paris – Frankfurt 3h 38m

Thalys: Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany

This distinctive red train links Paris to Amsterdam, Brussels and Cologne. There are 24 Thalys trains daily that take you from Paris to Brussels in under 90 minutes. With this kind of service and frequency, your best option is Thalys.

Paris –Brussels 1h 22m
Amsterdam – Brussels 1h 32m

Amsterdam – Paris 3h 27m

Cologne – Paris 3h 20m

Frecciarossa & Frecciargento: Italy

You’ll find speedy service to Italian city-centers including Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Bologna and Naples, plus convenient access to smaller Italian towns and destinations. Travel from Milan to Rome in under 3h.

Florence – Milan 1h 40m

Rome – Florence 1h 20m

Florence – Venice 1h 53m

ICE: Germany

ICE connects all the major German cities, including Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne and Berlin, with connecting train services to Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.

Munich – Salzburg 1h 30m

Berlin – Frankfurt 4h 10m

Frankfurt – Munich 3h 37m

Munich – Berlin 3h 58m

Italo: Italy

Italo, the latest generation in high speed rail in Italy, offers service from Venice to Rome, with stops in Padua, Bologna (to Rimini, Verona and Ancona) and Florence, and from Torino to Salerno, with stops in Milan, Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples. Italo offers completely ticketless travel. Passengers need only board with their PNR number and photo ID (except for departures from Rome, Florence, and Milan. Printed documentation is required for these stations). Rail passes are not valid on Italo trains. Passengers are required to purchase a full fare ticket for travel on Italo.

Milan – Bologna 1h 16m

Rome – Venice 3h 31m

Rome – Florence 1h 27m

RENFE: Spain

Spain’s high speed lines link the popular cities of Barcelona and Madrid, as well as the historical Andalusian cities of Cordoba and Seville.

Madrid – Barcelona 2h 40m

Madrid – Malaga 2h 30m

Madrid – Seville 2h 20m

SJ High Speed: Sweden

At speeds of up to 125 mph, you can travel between Stockholm and major cities in the south and southwest of Sweden, including international routes to bordering countries.

Stockholm – Malmo 4h 29m

Stockholm – Gothenburg 3h 11m

Stockholm – Karlstad 2h 24m