Introducing France-Spain High Speed

The most convenient way to travel between France and Spain

France-Spain High Speed is a rail network operated jointly by the Spanish (RENFE) and French (SNCF) railroads. Renfe-SNCF en Coopération began in 2013, connecting 21 cities in France and Spain including Paris, Lyon, Toulouse and Marseille to Barcelona, and Marseille to Madrid. Travel city center to city center with the most convenient connection between France and Spain. Plus. the central locations of the stations saves time by bringing your clients right into the heart of the city.

Two Countries, Two Distinct Trains

TGV EuroDuplex

The EuroDuplex, operating on the Barcelona-Paris/Toulouse routes, is the latest generation of duplex TGV. This double-decker train offers maximum comfort and convenience with multilingual screens (2 screens per coach) displaying the upcoming stations, travel schedule in real time, connections, and more. EuroDuplex can travel at speeds of up to 320 km/h (199 mph) and are the fastest double-decker trains in Europe.

EuroDuplex Snapshot: Paris <> Barcelona and Toulouse <> Barcelona routes; 2 levels.

  • A single train consists of 8 duplex carriages = 509 seats
    • 3 First class/Preferente carriages = 181 seats
    • 4 Second class/Turista carriages = 328 seats
    • 1 bar/cafe carriage
  • FREE WiFi on board
  • One power outlet per place First and Standard class
  • Help System for Travelers (sound and visual announcements giving information at real-time during the journey)

AVE S-100

Operating on the Marseille <> Madrid and Lyon <> Barcelona routes these newly remodeled trains provide comfort and convenience. S-100 trains travel at up to 300km/h (186mph).

AVE S-100 Snapshot: Barcelona-Lyon/Marseille, and Madrid-Marseille

  • A single train consists of 8 carriages = 347 seats
    • 2 First Class/Preferente carriages = 80 seats (including “Club Space”)
    • 5 Second Class/Turista carriages = 267 seats
    • 1 bar carriage
  • FREE WiFi on board
  • Power outlets in First class/Preferente and in Second class/ Turista
  • Screens to broadcast films and audio channel in the whole journey
  • Help System for travelers (visual announcements giving information at real-time during the journey.