France Course

This training course is designed specifically to teach you how to promote and influence your clients to include rail as part of their France travel itineraries. Review the training material online at your own pace and sell Rail Europe’s full France product portfolio with confidence and ease.

TRAC® is the quick, convenient way for you to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to offer your clients a more affordable and more exciting trip to France, inclusive of rail.

Anyone who has traveled on France’s rail lines knows the benefits of rail travel – convenience, comfort, speed, reliability and affordability. But even for travel professionals, making sense of all the products and passes can sometimes be a challenge. That’s what TRAC® is for.

Get an edge on your competition. Learn all about the advantages of train travel and how it can fit into almost any European itinerary to make it more rewarding, more affordable and more comfortable.


When you have more visitors than any other country on the planet, you do everything you can to help them enjoy it while respecting the environment and culture that made them want to visit in the first place. This is just one of the reasons that the French rail system is so popular with both visitors and residents. It gives your clients the chance to take it all in, converse with locals, and see the spectacular French scenery at ground level. Always a nice complement to the train, but nothing liberates you to simply relax and soak it all in more than the comfort and ease of the train. And you never have to worry about your clients getting lost — it takes them from one city center to another, to the countryside and vineyards — without their ever needing to decipher a road sign.

The Trains of France

The French trains make it possible to transport your clients in comfort, whisking them to their destinations in relaxed, spacious seating. There is so much to explore in France. And fortunately, we have trains to accommodate the travelers preferences.

TGV: The flagship of the French National Railways, TGV trains are well known for their speed, but did you know they are also quite comfortable? TGV trains are non-smoking with ergonomic reclining seats complete with headrest and footrest. First class offers larger seats that recline electronically and have power sockets for laptop or mobile phone. Second class, still larger than coach on an airline, is comfortable, convenient and economical.

Intercités de Nuit: Intercity night trains allow your clients to spend every moment of prime time daylight enjoying the sites they came to see. Leave Toulouse in the evening and arrive in Paris at 6:52 am ready to explore. Suggest a reclining seat for the biggest savings, or a 4 or 6 person couchette. Other popular routes include Paris to Toulon, Nice, and Cannes.

TER: regional train service throughout France. Popular routes include Paris-Champagne, Nice-Monaco, and Tours-Lyon.